Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A day that we all looking forward to....25.11.2006

Early in the morning, before giving Eugene his breakfast, he had his bath first!

Hello, all aunties & uncles. See I am enjoying myself .......:)

"Mummy, please carry me up. I feel cold!"

"Oh, i feel so warm now with the towel on me"

"Oh, Daddy carrying me in his arms. Finally he doing some work....heheheeee!!"

Getting him ready after his bath

It's time for breakfast!

After Eugene had his breakfast, it is time for his Daddy & Mummy to have their breakfast. We proceed to Rivermall Mall for our breakfast. Then hb bought a new hp each for his parents at Rivervale Mall. We then went home and get ready to go to Suntec City to meet Missy. who going to pass me a can of milk powder for Eugene.

At Suntec, me & Eugene get to meet Missy, her hb and Javier! Wow so Javier is so handsome in his bandana. He even smile at me too and i feel so happy. Eugene did not cried although he so long never met them since the gathering during August!

We ended the day after our dinner at Kopitiam.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At Great-GrandMother's House

Today is a great day for both me & Eugene! His Daddy had gone for a meeting and won't be back until evening time. So i decided to bring Eugene to visit my grandmother who also live not too far nor too near to me. Since i am alone only, i did not bring along his stroller. I just use the baby-carrier and bring him out.

I had to prepare his things before we went out. So i cooked his porridge and put it in the food jar for his lunch when he reached my grandmother's house. I had to take the LRT from my place (2 stations only) to re-take a direct bus to reach my grandmother's house! Inside the LRT, a old uncle tried playing with him but he only keep looking at him. Then we waited at the bus-stop for the bus, waited &waited and the bus only came after 20 mins. What a hot weather waiting so long for a bus.....Then in the bus, Eugene saw my ez-link card and tried to snatch from me. Of course, i dun want to give it to me cos it will end up in his mouth. But in the end, it still ended up into his mouth because he used his sharping voice and started to cry. I was so paiseh so in order to stop it, i had to give him but make sure he only hold it in his mouth.

Usually when we went to my grandmother's house, once we stepped in, Eugene will start to cry. I think is due to he seldom go there. But this time, it was perfect! To my surprise, he did not cried and when my grandmother carry him, he immediately let her carried as well as for my aunties & cousins!

Activites :

We had a self-make popiah session that day. It was so fun making my own popiah, so we were happily making and eating! I enjoyed making my own and for others too. Eugene also did not lose out, he was given the beancurd which we used for the popiah of course only the soft part inside.

After that, it was time for Eugene to have his lunch. Happily take out the porridge , but after a few mouthful he dun want. I think he is full after taking some beancurd so i just make some milk for him. When come to dinnertime, he rejected again!!! I am thinking izzit the porridge i make today not nice so he reject. Luckily i brought along the cereal.

While feeding Eugene, my youngest girl cousin who is 1 year older than Eugene came back. She then had a bath and sit down together with Eugene for her dinner, halfway thru she ran here and there somemore kept throwing Eugene's milk bottle on the floor.....finally his Daddy came around 4 plus & around 7 plus we packed and went home.

This marked the end of the weekend! Looking forward to next weekend.

Eugene sitting on the small arm-chair....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

An encounter @ Parkway Parade

After a whole afternoon of nap, Daddy finally woke up and brought Mummy & me to Parkway Parade for shopping. As it was around dinner time, so Mummy had to pack my porridge in the Tiger Food Jar she bought to bring there for my dinner. It was quite crowded at the food court there but Daddy managed to find seats for all of us sharing with a couple. I think i am quite well-liked so the lady sitting opposite me who i dun know who she is started to play with me when Mummy put me on her lap.

She tried to play with me by using her hands to tap on the table and slowly i also followed what she did.....this move of me made her so happy and this time she stretched her hand over to me. I think she wanted me to touch her hands, so as not to disappointed her, i touched her hand back too!

Before going home, we had some photos taken:

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Weekend is always the days of the week i am looking forward to! The time that Mummy & Daddy after working for 5 days which they will bring me out shopping together! But my Daddy fall sick few days ago so this weekend I can't get to go out for any fresh air. Only can stay at home and watch Mummy do housework, watch TV and stuck in my walker again.....

Mummy was packing my things and oh no i can feel something bad when i see Mummy keep looking at my Diapers....is she going to repeat what she had done to me months ago????

Mummy, why my Diaper on my head again? Didn't i tell you not to anyhow put things on my head......somemore is a thing that goes under my butt!!!!

Please take it off .........plssssss!!!!

Oh, i think this look better on me ....so this time i let you off!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

14th November 2006, Tuesday


When i went to my MIL house this evening, Eugene's Aunt was playing with him with a new toy that she just bought for him. It is a toy doggie which need batteries to operate and it will turn when it hit something. It will sing a song too! At about 8 plus, her boyfriend came to fetch her to airport as she flying to Paris for a week because she a air-stewardness....

He also bought 2 toys for Eugene, which were a toy car & a fish. Same kind of toys just like what Eugene Aunt had bought! In fact, two weeks ago i also bought the same toy but was a dinosaur. We on all the 4 toys together and guess what he kept chasing after the toy car! Who know his favourite will be the toy car although we all felt that the fish was the most attractive of all four.....Even when his attention was on the other three, but once he saw the toy car, that will be his target! So now we made a conclusion that afterall a boy favourite is the car.

Monday, November 13, 2006

13th November 2006, Monday

Eugene is getting more and more naughty each day. He doesn't seem to like sitting in his walker anymore, he can only sit inside for a while & then he will ask people to carry him. Today he did something that frighten my MIL, he was taking his nap in his sarong, then after about 1 hour, my MIL suddenly heard him crying. She quickly rushed over to the room to see what happen.....oh no, he had flipped over in the sarong and tried to stand up inside using his hands to grab the sarong. Oh no, next time dun dare to put him inside for nap, cos afraid he will fall over if this scene ever happen again.....:(

11th November 2006, Saturday

This morning, bring Eugene to Thomson Medical Centre to see the PD. He has been having runny nose since last Sat. Yesterday nite called the clinic and checked out, luckily Sat the clinic is open. I afraid that there will be lots of patients so i woke up early so that can get a earlier queue number. Finally we got to see the PD in less than an hour. PD said Eugene will be fine after taking the med.

After seeing the PD, then we only went to have our breakfast which was around 10 plus. Then hb send me to meet my mum for shopping at Bugis. I also meet one of the mummies to get something from her. Then i went shopping at the cold storage and saw this biscuits which said for babies from 7 mths. The packaging was very nice and attracted me, so i decided to buy it and let Eugene try. I was afraid that Eugene dunno how to bit, but to my amuse it was gone in a few seconds when put in his mouth!

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Eugene Crying Scenes

This is what happen when Eugene wanted people to carry him when he is in his walker!

Please carry me, i dun want to sit in the walker.

It's really boring sitting inside leh!

You still dun want to carry me.......

"boo boo boo", why no one want to carry me???

Go away lah!!!

You made me cried, tonite i want to complain to my Mummy.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Smiling Eugene :)

Manage to catch some of shots of Eugene by his Aunt when i was at work~~~


One of Eugene's Aunt work piece! I was quite amused by this shot too!


Always wanted to buy a pair of sunglass for Eugene, but whenever we let him try on he will use his hands to try to take off it. In the end, we decided to buy one for him when he is older. Surprisingly today i saw a new pair of sunglass at my MIL's house, i asked and it was Eugene's aunt who bought for him. So i decided to take a few pics of him wearing the sunglass hoping he will quietly let me take a few snaps!!!

This is the outcome......

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Learning to sit up & stand up himself

Nowadays, Eugene is trying to stand to sit-up & stand-up by himself. Everyday no matter at his grandma's house or at home, once we put him on the mattress he will start to crawl and lean on the anything that can support him to stand up.

At his grnadma's house, the mattress will be pushed to lean against the sofa so with the sofa as a supporting, he will quickly crawled over and start to use his hands and legs to make himself stand up and then within a few seconds up he goes onto the sofa.

At home, he espically like to climb to lean against my bed and then let himself automically fell onto the mattress on the floor. He thinks this is fun and will climb up again and go repeatedly doing the same patterns. Both me and hb had a hard time trying to catch hold of him afraid that he will hurt himself but he always ended up smiling at us!