Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fruits & Vegetables Harvesting 13.09.2008

Last nite, hb told me that there will be a fruits and vegetables harvesting at the opposite block multi-carpark rooftop at tomorrow morning 9am. The RC had been planting fruits and vegetables since more than 2 years ago and every week they will open up for the residents to go and view. This time round is time for harvesting.
We decided to bring Eugene there to take a look. This will not be the first time that Eugene went there.....he did went for the first hatvesting when he was very small that time so he dun have any memories regarding it. Hope he has a good time there tomorrow.....

Early in the morning, it started to rain and we thought that the harvesting might be cancelled. But as the time came nearer, the rain became smaller and hb saw that there are many residents at the rooftop there so we also went there although it is still drizzling. Upon reaching there, the RC chairman already showing the residents how to prepare aloe vera ( very big one) and of course, fruits tasting there. We decided to go and look around showing and telling Eugene whatever we can see there.

One of the few fruits we see , pomelo is one of them but not for harveting now as it is still very small. We told Eugene that fruit is call "pomelo" and he will repeat after us....then after he saw papaya. The funny thing is after that we came back to the pomelo , he go and call it papaya...hahaha....)

Anyway, i can see that Eugene is quite happy to see so many things and he also get the chance to have a feel of the fruits. We also brought back many harveting items.

A trip to the airport 18.07.2008

Eugene's grandpa (my father) was going to China for a business trip, so we decided to send him to the airport as well as to have our dinner together at the airport. We wanted to let Eugene take a look at the aeroplanes.Upon reaching the airport, we went to the foodcourt at T3 for dinner before we went to walk around T3. We walked past the NTUC just after the foodcourt and Eugene took a liking to the lego car. Grandpa decided to buy one for him and this is the one.

Some pics took at the airport:

Mummy and Eugene
Daddy and Eugene
Grandma and Eugene
Mummy with Cadbury advertisement....

A Happy Eugene.....:)