Sunday, November 19, 2006

An encounter @ Parkway Parade

After a whole afternoon of nap, Daddy finally woke up and brought Mummy & me to Parkway Parade for shopping. As it was around dinner time, so Mummy had to pack my porridge in the Tiger Food Jar she bought to bring there for my dinner. It was quite crowded at the food court there but Daddy managed to find seats for all of us sharing with a couple. I think i am quite well-liked so the lady sitting opposite me who i dun know who she is started to play with me when Mummy put me on her lap.

She tried to play with me by using her hands to tap on the table and slowly i also followed what she did.....this move of me made her so happy and this time she stretched her hand over to me. I think she wanted me to touch her hands, so as not to disappointed her, i touched her hand back too!

Before going home, we had some photos taken: