Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is always one of Eugene favourites when we went to Compasspoint! Many times he doesn't want to leave when we wanted to go home and we have to coax him until he is willingly to leave....

National Day 09.08.2008

Happy National Day 2008!!!

Decided to work hard and updates more of Eugene often. I feel that i seldom take any pictures of Eugene as i dun have a camera of my own. This came to my mind that my mum is not using her digital camera often so i borrowed from her.

Today is the 1st day i start taking pics for Eugene.

This morning, we decided to go to Burger King at Compasspoint for breakfast. Eugene is quite happy when we reach there. His daddy went to park the car, upon arriving at BK...i let Eugene sit in the baby chair provided at BK. He was ok at first, but after a while he keep asking me to go and buy the food. I told him we had to wait for daddy to come first, but he was still impatient. While waiting for his daddy, i took some pics of him.

Maybe he is thinking " Mummy, can i have my breakfast?"....hahhaaaa

Mummy : Eugene, we have to wait for Daddy to come first ok...

Eugene: Have to wait somemore, why why why......Daddy quickly come!!!

After having his breakfast, we went shopping around Compasspoint and Eugene had a bit of the ice-cream i left for him.