Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lunch Gathering Cum BB Xmas Gift Exchange - 13.12.2006 @ Grand Plaza Park Royal

Today, we had a gathering with my March baby friends at the Grand Plaza Park Royal. I met quite a few of my old friends and i had a good time there. I think i was a bit naughty that day because i only wanted my Mummy to carry me so Mummy did not had much for her lunch while i eaten myself to my fullest.

I had my lunch liao, but i kept perstering Mummy to give me her food too. It was fun meeting my friends again and i also met a few new friends too!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Being A PT-SAHM from 01-07 Dec 2006

Finally, came to the end of being a PT-SAHM. Let me re-cap of what happening for the past 1 week!

Day 1 <01.12.06> Woke up by Eugene early in the morning at 5plus, he doesn't want to continue to sleep so no choice had to attend to him. He then had his cereal and follow by bath at 8 plus. Finally, he felt sleepy and went for his nap.
I had asked my mum to come and accompany because i wanted to bring Eugene to my office in Simei to let my colleagues have a look. We set off at 11 plus after Eugene had his milk. We then had our lunch there and my colleagues took turn to carry and play with Eugene. They all liked him alot and think Eugene also liked them!
We then went home at about 2 plus atter Eugene started being cranky!

Day 2 <02.12.06> We going to one of our friends' house-warming today. Before going to the house-warming, we went to SingTel Charity Carnival at Somerset. Hb bought a bonsai there.
Nothing much happen today....

Day 3 <03.12.06> Hb went for the SC Marathon and came back at about noon time. Around 3pm, we went to IMM for shopping. We bought a fan and a radio there and while hb pushed the items to put in the car and i waited downstairs for him to go for dinner. After a while, Eugene started to wail and cried, the whole scene continued non-stop for about 15-20 min. It stopped when he fallen asleep but re-acted when he woke up again. So we decided to pop in a bottle of milk for him, then he quiten down. It all ended up with that bottle of milk.

Day 4 - 7 <04.12.06>Nothing much happen these few days. My auntie came to visit me with my mum and i took this chance to go Compasspoint to buy the Christmas Gift exchange for the lunch gathering on 13.12.06.