Monday, November 12, 2007

Eugene version of "Mambo" HAPPY FEET...!!!

Eugene likes the cartoon character of Mambo (not sure spell correctly) in the movie of Happy Feet. When the part of Mambo going to dance, he will prepare himself when he hear the music and then when the music end he will stop. Managed to capture this recently.

Sofa as what it seems to be

I always like to join contests for fun. So i did participated in the National Day Singpost contest and i won the consolation prize. One of the little prize inside was the 'Superman Returns' sofa...which i need to pump a lot of air so that it can become a sofa. This is how Eugene reacts to it..

A full blown 'sofa'....

Eugene 1st try sitting on it!

Wow....looks like he enjoy sitting on it leh :)