Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mummy or Daddy More???

Oh so i inherit more of Mummy Genes.......Daddy will be jealous if he saw this!!!

At the playground 20.10.2007 Sunday

This morning i have a appointment with the dentist. So daddy(Ray) will have to take care of Eugene and this is the activities they have done when i went for my appointment. Ray was said he enjoyed playing so much that he doesn't want to go when i was done at the dentist there. He was crying when i went to find them....

Enjoy the video!

Eugene's New Table and Chair

Recently, there is this Redemption program "Allow Your Child to Grow Naturally with Mamil Gold' which interest me very much. So i decide to support this program. I decided to exchange for the 'Little Tikes Adjust N Draw Table' which i need to accumulate amount of $450 to redeem for the item.

However, to my disappointment when i went for the redemption, it was out-of-stock from Little Tikes and the organiser also not sure when the stock will come. So they substitute featured item with others of similar value and this is what i exchanged in the end. It doesn't seem as attractive as the adjust & draw table but i still decide to exchange as per redemption counter is only given 2 sets as i afraid i might not be able to exchange if i missed the opportunity for redemption.