Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning ~ 12.08.2007

After taking his morning bath, Eugene want me to on his favourite cartoon "Pororo". Few months ago , he still need me to be by his side whenever he watch this cartoon. But now he can sit by himself and finish watching the whole VCD this let me have some time to do my own things!

When i tried to cover his sight off the TV, this is what he do!

Continue watching even not interested in his fav Baby Bites....!!!

11.08.2007 ~ Saturday afternoon - Shopping at Tampines Ikea

Eugene now know how to use a fork although still not very good at it. This is taken when he is having his pancakes as his lunch today.

Not satisfied with his own bowl, he decided to take mine instead...

Asking Daddy to get ready! At Ikea: Nowsaday, it is really very difficult to control his movements when we go out. He doesn't want us to carry him as he wanted to come down and walk/run by himself. Sometimes biscuits can help, but once he finished his biscuits he will want to come down again...making us so tired running after him! This pic show him playing at one of the children's area.

Outing At The Zoo

A Sunny Saturday afternoon, we have a pair of free Zoo tickets from courtesy of hb's colleague. Eugene fall asleep on the way to the Zoo and while waiting for hb to park his car, both me and Eugene waited at the Zoo entrance!

This is the first photos we took at the Zoo when he woke up!!!

Figuring out what this thing by poking on the eyes...

Finally figure out what is this the horrible creatures....hahahaaaa....Frightened :P

Trying my best to get Eugene take a pic when he struggling to come down!
Oh, the lazy white tigers......After watching the elephants performance, time for some water!

After covered most of the parts in the Zoo, we had our dinner at KFC while Eugene takes his nap in the stroller. After he woke up, we gave him a change of clothings cos he sweat a lot! Before we end our visit to the Zoo, we took a pic with the giraffes.

Lastly we visited the souvenir shop and Eugene fall in love with animal soft toys. Some of the pics taken: