Tuesday, November 14, 2006

14th November 2006, Tuesday


When i went to my MIL house this evening, Eugene's Aunt was playing with him with a new toy that she just bought for him. It is a toy doggie which need batteries to operate and it will turn when it hit something. It will sing a song too! At about 8 plus, her boyfriend came to fetch her to airport as she flying to Paris for a week because she a air-stewardness....

He also bought 2 toys for Eugene, which were a toy car & a fish. Same kind of toys just like what Eugene Aunt had bought! In fact, two weeks ago i also bought the same toy but was a dinosaur. We on all the 4 toys together and guess what he kept chasing after the toy car! Who know his favourite will be the toy car although we all felt that the fish was the most attractive of all four.....Even when his attention was on the other three, but once he saw the toy car, that will be his target! So now we made a conclusion that afterall a boy favourite is the car.