Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At Great-GrandMother's House

Today is a great day for both me & Eugene! His Daddy had gone for a meeting and won't be back until evening time. So i decided to bring Eugene to visit my grandmother who also live not too far nor too near to me. Since i am alone only, i did not bring along his stroller. I just use the baby-carrier and bring him out.

I had to prepare his things before we went out. So i cooked his porridge and put it in the food jar for his lunch when he reached my grandmother's house. I had to take the LRT from my place (2 stations only) to re-take a direct bus to reach my grandmother's house! Inside the LRT, a old uncle tried playing with him but he only keep looking at him. Then we waited at the bus-stop for the bus, waited &waited and the bus only came after 20 mins. What a hot weather waiting so long for a bus.....Then in the bus, Eugene saw my ez-link card and tried to snatch from me. Of course, i dun want to give it to me cos it will end up in his mouth. But in the end, it still ended up into his mouth because he used his sharping voice and started to cry. I was so paiseh so in order to stop it, i had to give him but make sure he only hold it in his mouth.

Usually when we went to my grandmother's house, once we stepped in, Eugene will start to cry. I think is due to he seldom go there. But this time, it was perfect! To my surprise, he did not cried and when my grandmother carry him, he immediately let her carried as well as for my aunties & cousins!

Activites :

We had a self-make popiah session that day. It was so fun making my own popiah, so we were happily making and eating! I enjoyed making my own and for others too. Eugene also did not lose out, he was given the beancurd which we used for the popiah of course only the soft part inside.

After that, it was time for Eugene to have his lunch. Happily take out the porridge , but after a few mouthful he dun want. I think he is full after taking some beancurd so i just make some milk for him. When come to dinnertime, he rejected again!!! I am thinking izzit the porridge i make today not nice so he reject. Luckily i brought along the cereal.

While feeding Eugene, my youngest girl cousin who is 1 year older than Eugene came back. She then had a bath and sit down together with Eugene for her dinner, halfway thru she ran here and there somemore kept throwing Eugene's milk bottle on the floor.....finally his Daddy came around 4 plus & around 7 plus we packed and went home.

This marked the end of the weekend! Looking forward to next weekend.

Eugene sitting on the small arm-chair....