Monday, October 23, 2006

A model for my Photographer Uncle!

Does i look like a 'China' boy wearing that small little blue cap??

Hello, finally Mummy agreed to let me learn how to stand. I have been trying very to learn how to stand on my feed whenever Mummy carry me! So Daddy quickly help me take a photo for me with Mummy......:)

Eugene: Oh I am so boring! Dun leave me alone on the bed, i need some exercise...Mummy can you carry me please?

Mummy: Eugene dun be notti, come let Mummy carry and we take a photo together.......Come say 'HI' to Daddy!

Mummy & Daddy bring me back to visit Ah Ma & Ah Gong! Mummy pass me to let them take care while Mummy go and play internet and Daddy busy reading newspaper. Mummy said only come back to her own house once a while so must let Ah Ma & Ah Gong play with me so that i will get to know them well.....