Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eugene knew the names

Eugene sounds very happy when MIL ask him to read out the Chinese name of the animals on the chart to me. MIL will point to the animal and he will read out, however he need to be remind of some of the first word before he can read out the whole. For me, i try to ask him to read out on his own. He already knew all the names of the animals shown here.
Hopefully he will also learn the English pronounciation of the animals soon.

Learning and Playing

Eugene had started to learn and read more words when people teach him. He got 3 charts at my MIL's house and he had learnt to memorise the aminals chart. I am quite happy that he knew how to read them, he better at memorise Chinese words more than the English alphabets. Now he also like to repeat what he heard from the TV programmes and advertisement.

Yesterday, i am quite happy that he knew how to say 'Mummy i luv you'. Last time i used to teach him but he never want to say. So yesterday, i took his pacifier and want him to repeat after me so that i will then return him his pacifier. Surprisely, when i said the words (which i wanted him to repeat after me) : 'Mummy, i' but before i finish my line....he said " Mummy, i luv you!" and when i want him to say again , he said "i luv Mummy". I AM SO HAPPY WHEN I HEARD THIS.

Eugene's toys from GuGu:

A 'Carl' Activity Book and 3 learning books.

Two soft toy from 'Car'

A Big and soft 'McQueen' which Eugene treat it as his car.

Eugene likes cars so much that his gugu even buy the car magnets and stickers for him to play She even buy him a toothbrush which a car was attached at the end of the handle.