Monday, December 10, 2007

The Golden Compass 05.12.2007

Today i got a pair of free movie tickets from my colleague. It was the show that i wanted to see 'The Golden Compass'. Actually wanted to bring Eugene for the movie, but time not allowed as it was too rush. Anyway, i was thinking maybe Eugene will ve scared by the fighting parts in the movie. But i do enjoy this movie...thanks to my colleague which i get to see for free and there also popcorn and coke together.

Standard Chartered Marathon 02.12.2007

Daddy took part in the Standard Chartered 42.195km Marathon. This is not the 1st time he took part in Marathon, but is the first time for the whole Marathon and he took about 5hrs plus to complete. Mummy and granny bring me to Marina Square there to wait for daddy. We were there much earlier so we went for some window shopping but most of the shops there are not yet open for business. So i have some fun in the kiddy rides (but no coins put in).

New Haircut 01.12.2007

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon!!! After taking my lunch, i suddenly have the urge to give Eugene a new haircut. Although it was my first attempt, i do have a little confidence that i was able to give Eugene a new look. I started off by cutting the hair behind, follow by around the ear there....although Eugene kept moving his head but i still manage to do it. After finishing, it feel it was really a great work of mine and i felt so happy.....but there is still somemore to be done. I feel the hair around his forehead is a bit too long so i decide to cut short . On no...what have i done???? It totally went out of what in my mind. I decided to try and see whether i can save what i done. Too bad! Now i need to bring him to the barber liao....

Upon reaching the Malay barber shop, there was 3 barbers busy cutting hair for adults and children. I waited and waited in anxiety, thought it was Eugene's turn but the barber called the other guy so i have to wait again thinking how come nobody want to attend to me. Then another one finished, but still no one attended to me until another barber finished. Then they asked me what i wanted, i showed them my artwork and they decided to shave Eugene bald.

This is how he look after the shaving:

Putting a cap for him will look nicer!