Monday, January 1, 2007

Any differences after 1 week?

This is the 1st time i am making for Eugene. He ok with this, but seems like it a little big portion for him , so in the end he did not finish the whole bowl.

Favourite Place

This is Eugene favouite place in the living room. Everytime, he will make out of a mess playing there. My magazines will be thrown all over the place and his likes to walk around the coffee table using his hands to support on the edge. This is also the place that he fell down the most!

Eugene First X'mas!

This year, Christmas is a bit more fun than last year! Besides Christmas dinner & gift exchange with our friends, we also had the same things with my aunties and uncles.

A little gift Eugene draw for his 1st X'mas!

These are the gifts of my Christmas Gift Exchange!

Daddy's Birthday!

Today is Daddy's Birthday. He went out with Mummy for a movie 'Happy Feet' at Vivo City. After the movie, he then came to fetch grandma, grandpa and me for a bufftet dinner at Excelsior Hotel.