Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GuGu's Birthday 09.08.2008

Today is Singapore 43th Birthday as well as hb's sister-Sharlene birthday. So we all go to MIL's place to celebrate for her. We had steamboat and Eugene loves the 'Chang Shou Mian' which MIL cook not to mention me loves too! Sharlene's good friends and boyfriend are also there for the celebration. One of her friend bring along her 2 young kids ( 1 older girl and 1 younger boy) who are a few years older than Eugene. Once they came, both of them gather around Eugene's toys and that the start of the kids' war. They played happily but also too 'roughly' especially with the boy.
Everything ended after the cake cutting and then we procced home at around 11pm.

Eugene likes this 'Dinosaur' (Bu Dao Weng) which his gugu bought for him!

Oh, Eugene likes the eggs.....

Family Photo...looking at me..dun think i am pregnant..i only gained too much weight!

See how happy is Eugene.....his 2 new friends:)

Eugene : Gugu's boyfriend-Uncle B who also buy toys for me.
See how engrossed Eugene looking at the cake. hehee....:)