Monday, November 13, 2006

13th November 2006, Monday

Eugene is getting more and more naughty each day. He doesn't seem to like sitting in his walker anymore, he can only sit inside for a while & then he will ask people to carry him. Today he did something that frighten my MIL, he was taking his nap in his sarong, then after about 1 hour, my MIL suddenly heard him crying. She quickly rushed over to the room to see what happen.....oh no, he had flipped over in the sarong and tried to stand up inside using his hands to grab the sarong. Oh no, next time dun dare to put him inside for nap, cos afraid he will fall over if this scene ever happen again.....:(

11th November 2006, Saturday

This morning, bring Eugene to Thomson Medical Centre to see the PD. He has been having runny nose since last Sat. Yesterday nite called the clinic and checked out, luckily Sat the clinic is open. I afraid that there will be lots of patients so i woke up early so that can get a earlier queue number. Finally we got to see the PD in less than an hour. PD said Eugene will be fine after taking the med.

After seeing the PD, then we only went to have our breakfast which was around 10 plus. Then hb send me to meet my mum for shopping at Bugis. I also meet one of the mummies to get something from her. Then i went shopping at the cold storage and saw this biscuits which said for babies from 7 mths. The packaging was very nice and attracted me, so i decided to buy it and let Eugene try. I was afraid that Eugene dunno how to bit, but to my amuse it was gone in a few seconds when put in his mouth!