Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A day that we all looking forward to....25.11.2006

Early in the morning, before giving Eugene his breakfast, he had his bath first!

Hello, all aunties & uncles. See I am enjoying myself .......:)

"Mummy, please carry me up. I feel cold!"

"Oh, i feel so warm now with the towel on me"

"Oh, Daddy carrying me in his arms. Finally he doing some work....heheheeee!!"

Getting him ready after his bath

It's time for breakfast!

After Eugene had his breakfast, it is time for his Daddy & Mummy to have their breakfast. We proceed to Rivermall Mall for our breakfast. Then hb bought a new hp each for his parents at Rivervale Mall. We then went home and get ready to go to Suntec City to meet Missy. who going to pass me a can of milk powder for Eugene.

At Suntec, me & Eugene get to meet Missy, her hb and Javier! Wow so Javier is so handsome in his bandana. He even smile at me too and i feel so happy. Eugene did not cried although he so long never met them since the gathering during August!

We ended the day after our dinner at Kopitiam.