Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My 1st Birthday @ Pasir Ris Coasta Sand Resort!

2nd March 2007

Today is my mummy's birthday. As usual she and daddy went to work but that have taken the afternoon off to book into the chalet arranged for my birthday tomorrow! Daddy treat mummy for a feast at the Sakae Sushi while i am at my Grandma's house waiting for them to come and fetch me after that.

I waited and waited, then at 8 plus then daddy came alone to fetch me and grandma to the chalet. Grandma also make 2 red eggs for mummy for her birthday!

3rd March 2007

Early morning, Mummy and Daddy brought me to McDonald for breakfast. I had some bagel, hashbrown from Mum & Dad breakfast....i enjoyed it cos it is very nice! After that Daddy drove mummy and me back home to bring some items to the chalet and mummy also bought a swimsuit and a tweety bird float for me. They are going to bring me for my first swim later in the evening.

GuGu came at about 2 plus to decorate the room for my birthday!

A new friend of Eugene!