Saturday, November 18, 2006


Weekend is always the days of the week i am looking forward to! The time that Mummy & Daddy after working for 5 days which they will bring me out shopping together! But my Daddy fall sick few days ago so this weekend I can't get to go out for any fresh air. Only can stay at home and watch Mummy do housework, watch TV and stuck in my walker again.....

Mummy was packing my things and oh no i can feel something bad when i see Mummy keep looking at my she going to repeat what she had done to me months ago????

Mummy, why my Diaper on my head again? Didn't i tell you not to anyhow put things on my head......somemore is a thing that goes under my butt!!!!

Please take it off .........plssssss!!!!

Oh, i think this look better on me this time i let you off!