Sunday, September 30, 2007

Videos Time - Months ago...

Finally, manage to upload some old video clips of Eugene taken from my hamdphone.

At Ikea:

Playing With Phone at my Mum's place:

29 Sept 07 Sunny Morning...

A sunny morning, before we went to have breakfast this is one of the pictures take. He was playing with the Singapore flag that we got from NDP07. He was flagging it so it was not easy to get him to be still for us to take the pic. Finally, hb manage to take it after we settle him on the bench.

On the way for breakfast...

Manage to take pictures of Eugene while on the way for breakfast at Rivervale Mall :

Strolling with Daddy!

Dunno what is he thinking about...or is he looking for mummy???

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Genting Trip 13 - 15 Sept

I was really feeling excited and worried at the same time as this time round we are bringing Eugene for holidays for the first time. I am excited because this is the first time and worried is because dun know how he will behave in the coach. Just pray that everything will be fine!!!

12th Sept 07
We stayed at my parents-in-law's house (Aljunied) as we need to wake up early to go and take the coach at Golden Mile Complex at 7.30am so we need to reach there at 7am to take our tickets.

13th Sept 07
We wake up at around 5.30am to prepare ourselves and also to get Eugene prepared. It's quite cold so we did not give Eugene a bath only wipe for him and changed him into a set of new clothes. Reach Golden Mile Complex at 6plus and hb went to get the tickets. We set off at 7.30am and reach Genting at 2.30pm. Along the journey, Eugene is consider quite obedient except that he like to get down from the seat (he sit on my lap) and over to his daddy's seat.

We finally got our room's key...immediately when we went into the room i helped Eugene to change his diaper becos he poo! After changing we went out to survey the place. We then had our dinner and then went to watch the movie "881". To us, it was really a very nice show. We laughed and also cried while watching the movie. After we return to our room while my PIL went to the casino.

14th Sept 07
Early in the morning, we have a free buffet breakfast. Then we went around viewing and then went to my fave Cantonese restaurant for lunch and had my favourite dessert which Eugene get to taste it too. He also likes it! After the lunch, we went to arcade to play. Wanted to win some soft toy for Eugene but dun have the luck and the horrible thing happen is i lost his bolster. So in the end we bought a new set at one of the shops there if not dun know how Eugene is going to sleep that night.
Then after dinner, hb and PIL went to catch a night movie while i and Eugene went back to hotel to rest.

15th Sept 07
Finally the last day at Genting and we going to take the coach again at 3.30pm. Decided to bring Eugene for some rides.

Some of the pics taken at Genting:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cranky ......

Recently these few nights, Eugene been very cranky during middle of the night. I dunno what happened, he just start to cry and toss here and there on the mattress. Sometimes he ok when i put back his pacifier and let him hug his bolster. However, last night anything also can't make him stop crying. Maybe because his bolster doesn't have his smell anymore which he like to hug and smell at it whenever he have that in his arms.

His bolster which we call 'Smelly' in Chinese is really very smelly, a kind of smell which some people might can't stand but is the same smell (my bolster) which i have when i was small too. I really afraid is this reason as the one at my MIL's place also been taken to wash last nite.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Falling Sick - 01.09.2007

Saturday morning, a nice and exciting day to start with as going to bring Eugene to airport to send my mother off to Korea. However, when Eugene woke up he started to have a bit of coughing which we didn't took it to our mind! Hubby touched him in the mid-morning and said he seemed like a bit warm. Took his temp, it was normal.

We set-off to the airport at about 6pm and reached there 6plus. After reaching Terminal 1, we went to the canteen to have our dinner before we to the View Mall. Eugene was quite excited when we were at the View Mall when he saw the water fountain near the glass door there. There he ran after a few older kids when they ran past him. I could feel that he was so HAPPY!

We waited for quite sometime before my mum, dad and brother reached the that time, Eugene already very tired and had falled asleep! But he woke up soon when i saw my parents and bro....however he started to be cranky due to tiredness and cough. Once again we feel that his body and forehead is warm. So after sending my mum off, we headed straight home. Once reaching home, we gave him the fever med and sponge on him cos his temp is nearly 39c. He kept fussing and crying the whole night and rejected taking his milk. We could only on his fav VCD to stop his crying.

In the end, he finally slept at 4 plus in the morning.