Thursday, September 6, 2007

Falling Sick - 01.09.2007

Saturday morning, a nice and exciting day to start with as going to bring Eugene to airport to send my mother off to Korea. However, when Eugene woke up he started to have a bit of coughing which we didn't took it to our mind! Hubby touched him in the mid-morning and said he seemed like a bit warm. Took his temp, it was normal.

We set-off to the airport at about 6pm and reached there 6plus. After reaching Terminal 1, we went to the canteen to have our dinner before we to the View Mall. Eugene was quite excited when we were at the View Mall when he saw the water fountain near the glass door there. There he ran after a few older kids when they ran past him. I could feel that he was so HAPPY!

We waited for quite sometime before my mum, dad and brother reached the that time, Eugene already very tired and had falled asleep! But he woke up soon when i saw my parents and bro....however he started to be cranky due to tiredness and cough. Once again we feel that his body and forehead is warm. So after sending my mum off, we headed straight home. Once reaching home, we gave him the fever med and sponge on him cos his temp is nearly 39c. He kept fussing and crying the whole night and rejected taking his milk. We could only on his fav VCD to stop his crying.

In the end, he finally slept at 4 plus in the morning.

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