Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starting Childcare in 2009

2008 ended and a New 2009 started. It had been months since Eugene's blog is been updated.
For a new start, there a total new environment waiting for Eugene to explore himself.
We had decided to enrol Eugene into a childcare centre as we hope that he can learn more and be more independent by himself.

1st & 2nd day (05-06 Jan 09) :
Eugene started his childcare life under my companionship as i dun want him to be scare upon arriving in a total new environment without anyone he know by his side. Upon at the centre, there are many children around his age and as well as those much more older than him. He likes to play with the older boys which he call them 'Gor Gor' and dun want to mix around with the children who are in the same class with him. He tend to run away to the class where the older boys are and the teacher will come and get him back into his class again. I then bring him back home around evening time.

3rd Day ( 07 Jan 09):
MIL bring him to the centre today. The teacher even ask him to say Goodbye to my MIL and then bring him inside to put his schoolbag and drinking bottle. MIL then peek from outside into the classroom, Eugene is inside there looking at storybook with his teacher. MIL decided to bring him home in the afternoon although should be a full day at the centre. She afraid Eugene can't adapt so fast to the environment....when teacher bring him out, he immediately cried when he saw MIL.

4th Day (08 Jan 09):
Today i am sick but i still followed him secretly behind while MIL bring him to the centre. I tried not to let him see me as i afraid he might want me to accompany him into the class. Once inside the class, he cried after putting his bag and bottle and start looking for MIL. His teacher carried and pacify him and he stopped crying after a while.
12pm - MIL asked me to go and see how Eugene in the centre. Once i reached the centre, i peeked from the windows and saw him eating his lunch but he was crying while eating his lunch. I decided i should observe a bit more before i decided to bring him back. He then took his bath....but he keep on crying when teacher asked him to nap. He just keep on crying for mummy and MIL. I then decided is time to bring him back as the previous day he had fever after he returned from the centre. Teacher was asking him to say Goodbye to all other teachers but once he saw me, same lah, he cried immediately.

5th Day ( 09 Jan 09) :
Everything happened just the same just that he keep on saying he dun want to go to school. He cried on the way to school. But this time when MIL went to fetch him at 12plus, Eugene form teacher said dun bring him back so early since he is not crying. Let him try to nap here so that he can adapt more to the enviroment. So Eugene nap at the centre and went home at 4plus.