Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fruits & Vegetables Harvesting 13.09.2008

Last nite, hb told me that there will be a fruits and vegetables harvesting at the opposite block multi-carpark rooftop at tomorrow morning 9am. The RC had been planting fruits and vegetables since more than 2 years ago and every week they will open up for the residents to go and view. This time round is time for harvesting.
We decided to bring Eugene there to take a look. This will not be the first time that Eugene went there.....he did went for the first hatvesting when he was very small that time so he dun have any memories regarding it. Hope he has a good time there tomorrow.....

Early in the morning, it started to rain and we thought that the harvesting might be cancelled. But as the time came nearer, the rain became smaller and hb saw that there are many residents at the rooftop there so we also went there although it is still drizzling. Upon reaching there, the RC chairman already showing the residents how to prepare aloe vera ( very big one) and of course, fruits tasting there. We decided to go and look around showing and telling Eugene whatever we can see there.

One of the few fruits we see , pomelo is one of them but not for harveting now as it is still very small. We told Eugene that fruit is call "pomelo" and he will repeat after us....then after he saw papaya. The funny thing is after that we came back to the pomelo , he go and call it papaya...hahaha....)

Anyway, i can see that Eugene is quite happy to see so many things and he also get the chance to have a feel of the fruits. We also brought back many harveting items.

A trip to the airport 18.07.2008

Eugene's grandpa (my father) was going to China for a business trip, so we decided to send him to the airport as well as to have our dinner together at the airport. We wanted to let Eugene take a look at the aeroplanes.Upon reaching the airport, we went to the foodcourt at T3 for dinner before we went to walk around T3. We walked past the NTUC just after the foodcourt and Eugene took a liking to the lego car. Grandpa decided to buy one for him and this is the one.

Some pics took at the airport:

Mummy and Eugene
Daddy and Eugene
Grandma and Eugene
Mummy with Cadbury advertisement....

A Happy Eugene.....:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eugene knew the names

Eugene sounds very happy when MIL ask him to read out the Chinese name of the animals on the chart to me. MIL will point to the animal and he will read out, however he need to be remind of some of the first word before he can read out the whole. For me, i try to ask him to read out on his own. He already knew all the names of the animals shown here.
Hopefully he will also learn the English pronounciation of the animals soon.

Learning and Playing

Eugene had started to learn and read more words when people teach him. He got 3 charts at my MIL's house and he had learnt to memorise the aminals chart. I am quite happy that he knew how to read them, he better at memorise Chinese words more than the English alphabets. Now he also like to repeat what he heard from the TV programmes and advertisement.

Yesterday, i am quite happy that he knew how to say 'Mummy i luv you'. Last time i used to teach him but he never want to say. So yesterday, i took his pacifier and want him to repeat after me so that i will then return him his pacifier. Surprisely, when i said the words (which i wanted him to repeat after me) : 'Mummy, i' but before i finish my line....he said " Mummy, i luv you!" and when i want him to say again , he said "i luv Mummy". I AM SO HAPPY WHEN I HEARD THIS.

Eugene's toys from GuGu:

A 'Carl' Activity Book and 3 learning books.

Two soft toy from 'Car'

A Big and soft 'McQueen' which Eugene treat it as his car.

Eugene likes cars so much that his gugu even buy the car magnets and stickers for him to play She even buy him a toothbrush which a car was attached at the end of the handle.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potty Training

Finally, Eugene is potty-trained although i can't said is 100% successful but the credit goes to my MIL. For so long we had been wanting Eugene to learn how to pee and poo in the potty, but he dun seems to like the idea of doing his business in it. But now my MIL had succeeded. For many times, MIL did not put on the diaper on him after Eugene took his bath. She will tell him to go and pee in the potty, however it failed when Eugene pee on the floor and then he will ask my MIL to go and see. Once, he even poo on his short, because of this case my MIL scolded and beat him on his buttocks...of course what he does is only cry lor. For many times, he still does not want to poo in the potty and if he want to poo, he will go and take his diaper and ask MIL to put on for him. So once my MIL put on the diaper for him, later he will poo in it.

After weeks passed, i think he know what he does are wrong after getting scolding for many times. However, he will wait until he is very 'urgent' then he will pee or poo so sometimes not in time to the potty.

An incident which happen at my MIL's place is she told me is once he was very urgent until he haven't really pulled down his short and he quickly sit on the potty. Luckily, MIL quickly got him up and pulled down his short.

Another recent incident which happen on 10th Aug is both hb and i was watching the olympic games in the living room and this Eugene was hiding in my bedroom. Suddenly he came running to me and said to me in chinese 'Yi Da Li', i thought he was referring to the olympic games as i did said 'Yi Da Li' (Italy) but then i saw him touching his short so immediately pooing came to my mind. So he is not referring to the olympic games but is his poo. Alamak, he poo on his short. We all had a good laugh :)

So now we still training him so that he can be fully potty-trained.
JIA YOU.....JIA YOU.........JIA YOU!!!

When Eugene see this picture, he will said 'Poo Poo".......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GuGu's Birthday 09.08.2008

Today is Singapore 43th Birthday as well as hb's sister-Sharlene birthday. So we all go to MIL's place to celebrate for her. We had steamboat and Eugene loves the 'Chang Shou Mian' which MIL cook not to mention me loves too! Sharlene's good friends and boyfriend are also there for the celebration. One of her friend bring along her 2 young kids ( 1 older girl and 1 younger boy) who are a few years older than Eugene. Once they came, both of them gather around Eugene's toys and that the start of the kids' war. They played happily but also too 'roughly' especially with the boy.
Everything ended after the cake cutting and then we procced home at around 11pm.

Eugene likes this 'Dinosaur' (Bu Dao Weng) which his gugu bought for him!

Oh, Eugene likes the eggs.....

Family Photo...looking at me..dun think i am pregnant..i only gained too much weight!

See how happy is Eugene.....his 2 new friends:)

Eugene : Gugu's boyfriend-Uncle B who also buy toys for me.
See how engrossed Eugene looking at the cake. hehee....:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is always one of Eugene favourites when we went to Compasspoint! Many times he doesn't want to leave when we wanted to go home and we have to coax him until he is willingly to leave....

National Day 09.08.2008

Happy National Day 2008!!!

Decided to work hard and updates more of Eugene often. I feel that i seldom take any pictures of Eugene as i dun have a camera of my own. This came to my mind that my mum is not using her digital camera often so i borrowed from her.

Today is the 1st day i start taking pics for Eugene.

This morning, we decided to go to Burger King at Compasspoint for breakfast. Eugene is quite happy when we reach there. His daddy went to park the car, upon arriving at BK...i let Eugene sit in the baby chair provided at BK. He was ok at first, but after a while he keep asking me to go and buy the food. I told him we had to wait for daddy to come first, but he was still impatient. While waiting for his daddy, i took some pics of him.

Maybe he is thinking " Mummy, can i have my breakfast?"....hahhaaaa

Mummy : Eugene, we have to wait for Daddy to come first ok...

Eugene: Have to wait somemore, why why why......Daddy quickly come!!!

After having his breakfast, we went shopping around Compasspoint and Eugene had a bit of the ice-cream i left for him.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I haven't been posting about Eugene for more than 7 months already. Now seldom take photos when bringing him out as it quite difficult to capture nice pics especially he so active. He also very naughty when we bring him out that each time when we thought of bringing him for shopping...we will have second thoughts. Unless it is really necessary, if not we tried not to bring him to places that are crowded.

Will try to update more often....