Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potty Training

Finally, Eugene is potty-trained although i can't said is 100% successful but the credit goes to my MIL. For so long we had been wanting Eugene to learn how to pee and poo in the potty, but he dun seems to like the idea of doing his business in it. But now my MIL had succeeded. For many times, MIL did not put on the diaper on him after Eugene took his bath. She will tell him to go and pee in the potty, however it failed when Eugene pee on the floor and then he will ask my MIL to go and see. Once, he even poo on his short, because of this case my MIL scolded and beat him on his buttocks...of course what he does is only cry lor. For many times, he still does not want to poo in the potty and if he want to poo, he will go and take his diaper and ask MIL to put on for him. So once my MIL put on the diaper for him, later he will poo in it.

After weeks passed, i think he know what he does are wrong after getting scolding for many times. However, he will wait until he is very 'urgent' then he will pee or poo so sometimes not in time to the potty.

An incident which happen at my MIL's place is she told me is once he was very urgent until he haven't really pulled down his short and he quickly sit on the potty. Luckily, MIL quickly got him up and pulled down his short.

Another recent incident which happen on 10th Aug is both hb and i was watching the olympic games in the living room and this Eugene was hiding in my bedroom. Suddenly he came running to me and said to me in chinese 'Yi Da Li', i thought he was referring to the olympic games as i did said 'Yi Da Li' (Italy) but then i saw him touching his short so immediately pooing came to my mind. So he is not referring to the olympic games but is his poo. Alamak, he poo on his short. We all had a good laugh :)

So now we still training him so that he can be fully potty-trained.
JIA YOU.....JIA YOU.........JIA YOU!!!

When Eugene see this picture, he will said 'Poo Poo".......

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