Friday, October 27, 2006

*****23rd September 2006 Saturday*****
First Gathering With Motherhood Mummies!!!!

Taken by Donut Mei Mei at her Condo-Function Room !

Memories - Past And Present.....

BB Collage Done by Ivy - We are the Mar Babies!

A story behind.......

This is actually a 'Bo Liao' mummy trying out the Korean New hairstyle for Eugene. A Demonstration sent to me from a colleague thru email! Thought it is just another creation of a new hairstyle for some fun....
Some saying :
1) Cute with the Fashion Headgear
2) look like Princess Leia & her head bun in Star Wars Episodes 4-6 .

When taking this photo, we were laughing how cute he look in this it look more like a headgear than the fashion hairstyle. I was the one who laughed the most!

Trying to hold Eugene hands down so that he won't go and pull the headgear out. Finally succeed and he looking at his Daddy curiously who taking the photos for him!
Photographs taken by my Daddy @Grandma's House ~~~~

My father likes to help me take photos! Because of me, he went to get a Digital camera so that he can help me take beautiful shots! Here are some of his pieces:

Lonely Times At Home

Sometimes when I am alone with Eugene at home with hubby not around, if i no choice just have to put him in his walker although i dun feel quite safe cos he can just bang into anything. So my MIL asked me to use a nylon string to tie the walker to the sofa leg., leaving some space for him to run about. He doesn't have much toys to play with and he likes to put anything which he hold into his mouth to chew. He especially like chewing on the bib string.......

This walker was passed down to me by my aunt, however she can't find the toys which are attached to it. So we just have to let him play with his toys, then once he get tired of the toys, he will threw all onto the floor. Then i have to go around picking up and put the toys on his walker again and again!

23rd July 2006 Sunday

Today suppose to be a Family Day but Daddy went to pay for the fees for learning guitar. So today left only Mummy to look after me cos Daddy said he wanted to go for some shopping before coming back. Mummy estimated that he won't be coming back so soon as he said since i was born, he do not have much time to go shopping so he must take this chance to go for some window shopping!

Oh, it's eveing time liao....finally the door bell ring and it was Daddy! Wow Daddy had came back with two big shopping bags, wondering what he ahd bought???? It was a electronic keyboard and a big soft toy, i assume it must b e for me lor! But i so small yet how to play with the keyboard so Daddy had the first go and played some demo songs for me to listen!!!!

Dinner time ~ Eugene gonna to have his cereal.......

With my mum's help carrying to feed him as he keep moving !

In the end, with my Mum's help also can't stop him from keep moving. So i had to take over the job of carrying to feed him....finally then he finished all the cereal. To reward him for finishing his dinner, i gave him some plain water!

Our usual routine for weekend in the morning is to bring Eugene out for breakfast , but of course he only can just watch us eat and he only eat his Healthy Times Cereal. He tends to kick a fuss when we put him in his stroller and feed him cereal so i had to attach toys around his stroller to interest him, however it doesn't help everytime so i have to carry him when i had my breakfast!

Above pictures showing his interest in his toys!